Email Template Tester

You can now check how does your email template looks like when you send it to different providers such as gmail, yahoo, and hotmail.

There are no best software that examine how does an email template looks like when you send it to your subscriber.

Test Mail isn’t a software but a simple but powerful webpage. This is the best tool to test email because you can see it online and it’s faster compared to other test mails online.

How to Use Test Mail?

Check email template online

  1. Go to Test Mail website.
  2. Username is test and password is test123
  3. Enter the email addresses that will receive your test mail. Use comma for multiple emails. It’s better if you will use gmail, yahoo, and hotmail emails since they are the most popular providers.
  4. Enter a descriptive subject.
  5. Paste the HTML code of your email template in the body section. Make sure that it will start at <body> and end at </body>

After a few seconds you should receive an email. If not, check the spam folder.