Register a Dynamic WordPress Sidebar

WordPress Dynamic Sidebar is the place where we put WordPress widgets. It helps a lot if the client wants to have a full control on any part of the website. It can be on sidebar, footer, or even on custom pages.

To get started you must know how to declare it on the themes function file and how to display it on the templates.

Register WordPress Sidebar on functions.php

Let’s register two sidebars namely sidebar-1 and sidebar-2

As you can see I showed the HTML wrappers on each widget. Which is a good practice when creating sidebars.

Display Registered Sidebar on WordPress Template

Now let’s start to use the sidebar in the template.

As you can see I set it to a conditional if so that it display something if widget does not exist on the sidebar. This is also a good practice to keep in mind.

Now, your widget area will look like the image below:

WordPress Register Sidebar Widget