Top 3 Premium Shopify Tutorial For Beginners in Udemy

Shopify is becoming popular as an alternative to a traditional e-commerce website where you manage your own website and deal with the whole process of managing an online store. As a beginner, it would be difficult to find a high quality and step by step guide in learning new things. There are plenty of Shopify[…..]

Udemy Promo Code and Discount for March 2017

Udemy just released the latest sales and discounts by giving away these promo codes. Mark your calendar and don’t miss the opportunity. Click the promo codes to go directly to Udemy website. March 1 to April 1 All courses on site will $19 Promo Code: UDEMARCH March 3 All Gaming Course will be $15 Only[…..]

Udemy India: Complete Guide in Taking Courses Online for Indian

Udemy is one of the best place to learn a lot of things. From simple photo editing to hard core coding, you can learn it for just spending a few bucks. Udemy India There’s nothing special here. I just learned that many of my Indian friends want to know more about Udemy. This website offers their[…..]

Website Design Terminology for Dummies

If you are currently learning web design, you will encounter different terminologies. You don’t need to download a list of these words in PDF format. By the help of my idiot proof definition you’re good to go and embrace the the world of Web Development. Browser What is a browser? I’m surprised that many people[…..]

How to Integrate ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) with Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Advanced Custom Fields and SiteOrigin’s Page Builder are one of the best WordPress plugins out there. By default, both plugins don’t have a clear connection on how they will integrate to each other. This is a good alternative if you’re looking for ACF layout page builder. Flexible content on ACF Pro is a good choice too[…..]

Responsive Vimeo Video Embed

Sometimes setting the width of an iframe to 100% is not enough. There are instances that you’ll get a black bar above and below your video on smaller screen resolution. You get the full width that fits the screen but you can’t have a full 100% height. To fix this, I will share my full[…..]

Add Read More Link in WordPress Excerpt

You don’t need a read more excerpt plugin for WordPress if you want to customize or replace the default […] You may use the PHP code below. On line 4 you can insert anything you want. You may put CSS id, class, change the text, or insert image. The code above works by adding a filter[…..]

How to enable HTML5 tags for Internet Explorer

HTML5 is one of the greatest thing that happened this decade but not all browsers support this language. As always, Internet Explorer will give us problem and discomfort while using amazing HTML5 and CSS3 features. Internet Explorer doesn’t show the CSS (styling) of these HTML5 tags. And treat them as an unknown. Here’s a simple javascript[…..]

CSS Styling element inside an iframe using javascript

One of the challenging thing in CSS is when you tried to style an element inside an iframe. At first, it sounds impossible but the code below fixed this issue somehow. The logic on the code below is we add a line of CSS using javascript.

You can add your custom styling on line[…..]