Display Slug Column in Post/Page WordPress Dashboard

There are some cases that you need to show the slug URL of each blog post or page while viewing their titles in WordPress dashboard. I encounter this when I have to update each slug to a more SEO friendly URL. Below is the code I pasted on functions.php of my active template.

It will[…..]

Query Post Terms by Taxonomy and Post Type

One of the grate feature of wordpress is to give us access in making custom post type and categories under it. And under each category (taxonomy) we can group them as terms. It sounds cool and exciting but as I search the internet, I can’t find a way to query post it under these condition.[…..]

How to Fix Custom Post Type redirecting to 404 Page

While working on a custom post type, sometimes the pages shows 404 page. Below are my solutions everytime I experience this error. Here are 3 things that you should try. Update the Permalink. To do this, go to Settings > Permalinks and hit Save changes. Create a Page Tempalte. Double check if you already have a single-{YourCustomPostType}.php[…..]

WordPress: Limit Word Count of Post Excerpt or Content

Sometimes we’re not happy  how WordPress limit the lenght of our post excerpt or content. And by the help of some  codes online, we can set it’s length by the number of characters. I’ve seen a lot of helpful code to limit the character of an excerpt in WordPress. But the output doesn’t look good.[…..]

Jquery Script to Scroll Page when href with target ID is Clicked

On single page websites, there are lots of anchor links connected on an ID selector. And it would be better if it will scroll up/down when you click it. For example, the go to top anchor is linked to #header. The script below will help you give a cool animation effect while navigating to your site. It[…..]

Remove Form Header on Wufoo Form

You may want to remove the header of your contact form from wufoo to match the design of your site. Get rid of it now using the codes below. You may hide it using CSS but removing it from the code is the best way. Remove wufoo header in iframe You might have a code[…..]

Show Bootstrap Dropdown Menu on Mouseover

You may want to show Bootstrap 2.3.2  dropdown menu to show on mouseover/hover and not onclick. Clicking it to show the submenu is a good idea when viewing the site using tablet or mobile phone but not on desktop. Bootstrap is one of the best CSS framework that you can get. But we need to alter[…..]

Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus to WordPress User Profile

Social media has becoming popular in the late 5 years. I’m not sure why wordpress still don’t allow us to enter Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles for users by default. Just in case you’re really need to add this to each user’s profile. And this is not jus for facebook and other social media[…..]

Web Banner Design Template for Business Use

There’s a good news for every graphic design that deals with web banner design advertising. Now you can save time and money by buying web banner template in Graphicriver.net. Below are list of Corporate business banner advertisement that you can use on any type of campaign. Each files are editable in Adobe Photoshop. Stock photos[…..]

Premium Real Estate Flyer Templates

Buying a real estate flyer templates is the easiest way to do when you’re designing a flyer for your client or for personal use. You don’t need to do it from scratch. And you only need a very basic Photoshop skill to edit the file for your own use. Thanks to graphicriver, we now have[…..]