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Web Design Concept

by monstertutor

Welcome to the second chapter of this course. In this chapter, we will focus on the web design concept. These concepts are the foundations of your future career.

To become a web designer, you must have a skill and talent. Skills can be developed and talent can be practiced. As long as you have the right passion, you will learn this stuff easily. When I started, it took me two months before I managed to create my first ugly website.

Creativity is important. If you are creative, then you have an advantage. People get their ideas from their experience or inspiration. A web designer can’t create a  beautiful website if he hadn’t seen one. That’s why I believe, the first website was very ugly, until they come up to different ideas on how to integrate different arts on it like magazine style, minimalism, realistic, three-dimensional, and more.

Web Design Concept

The concept of web design is there is no rule, but there are guidelines. On the next lessons, you will learn these guidelines. This includes some tips in creating an effective header, footer, and other parts of a web page. I’ll teach you how to choose the correct color and use them effectively on the web. I’ll also give you some concept of choosing the correct font and images for your first design.