Top 5+ Android App Development Course for Beginners

Today I listed the best android app development courses for beginners. I can still remember the days where video tutorials are really hard to find. Thanks to Udemy, now you can learn this step-by-step and easily. Now you don’t need to go to a university to get a course that will take months or years to complete.

It’s good to know that in a short period of time, you will know how to make an app!

Have you ask yourself “how much does it cost to make an app?” Well… There are free tutorials that you can find in YouTube and other blogs but the topics are scattered and you don’t will never know where and how to start. It was also my problem when I start to learn how to make a website.


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The best option to learn anything that involves programming and coding is through watching how it’s done. Reading and imagining how things work is as hard as solving math problems without extra sheet of paper. Google Developers Training is a good options but it’s not the most convenient way to learn because it lacks of interaction.

Enough with the introduction. Let’s now dive in to our list!

Android O & Java - Mobile App Development | Beginning to End

This android app development course will take 9 hours to complete. This will cover building your own Android app or for you business. You’ll also learn basic Java programming needed to make android app.

Course Highlights

  • Work as a freelance android developer
  • Build a portfolio to get junior android developer job
  • Create your own app
  • Suitable for absolute beginners
  • Free software was used
  • Bonus related articles

This course provide real life android apps examples and you will also get a certificate of completion.

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The Complete Android N Developer Course

This is another superstar in Android development course. You’re not going to create android apps for babies, this course offers a complete and rockstar course that will let you create real life apps like Uber, Whatsapp, and Instagram. More than 30,000 students are currently enrolled and game a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Course Highlights

  • Programming Knowledge NOT required
  • Create any kind of apps that you can imagine
  • Submit Apps to Google Play and earn money
  • Become a Pro Android Developer

If you’re a beginner and has zero knowledge in creating applications for android, this course will help you. You will not miss anything. The 32-hour course with 106 articles and 47 resources should be enough to get you started from beginner level to a full blown professional android app developer. Note that these numbers are still growing and you’ll get additional bonuses.

Some bonuses that you’ll get…

When you take this course, you’ll get the following freebies:

  • Full time access to the course including updates forever!
  • $50 Amazon AWS Credit to host your own social app
  • Access to online community where you can ask questions and read you classmates experiences
  • Free £300 worth of app templates to get you started
  • 1 year free web hosting package worth £119
  • and more.. (I’m tired of typing)
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Android App Development for Beginners: 83 Hours+ & 78 Apps

This is probably the most complete android developer course.  83.5 hours of step by step video tutorial is no joke and they are keep on adding content and resources. For sure you will know how to create an app like a pro. This is ideal for anyone who wants to become a professional android developer. For me this is one of the best android development tutorial. 

Course Highlights

  • With coding exercise
  • Bonus articles
  • Very comprehensive lessons
  • Bonus resources
  • Master Java Programming
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Programming knowledge is NOT required
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Android N: From Beginner to Paid Professional

This is another comprehensive video tutorial to learn Android Nougat development. But the author is still updating it to the latest android version.


Be part of 12,000+ happy students and get support from live chat. You’ll also get freebies from the author which includes the following:

  • Android related articles and resources
  • 10 FREE app assets pack worth thousands of dollars
  • Certificate of employment

Course Highlights

  • Build app compatible to the latest android version
  • Develop mobile app using Java programming
  • Become a junior Android App Developer
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming
  • 25-hour of video tutorial
  • Learn Android Studio

You will never get wrong with this course. If you’re familiar with Call of Duty Ghosts on mobile, the author is its creator. Mark Price is a mobile app deveoper with 57 active mobile apps on App Store and Google Play. He’s also an expert in Apple Tv, tvOS, iOS 10, Node, etc. One of the coolest this he’s doing right now is creating 3D games.

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The Complete Android & Java Developer Course - Build 21 Apps

This is one of the best android studio tutorial that you can found online. If you have free 4 hours a day, you can learn to develop android and java apps in just 7 days. This course will teach you to develop these skills using Android Studio. At the end of the course, you’re expected to create a professional app for you or for your company. You will be able to create you own Android app using Java programming language.

Course Highlights

  • Learn Android App development using Java and Android Studio
  • Upload android apps to Google play to monetize
  • Create your own app like temperature converter, diary app, scanner, etc
  • Build 21 Android and Java apps from scratch

Aside from you’ll get above, you will also get access to 53 related articles and 3 supplemental resources, and a certificate of completion. This is ideal for absolute beginners with strong passion on mobile app development.

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Android 2D Game Development

If you are looking for android game development tutorial and you want to focus  in developing 2D Games for Android, this is one of the best course for you. This tutorial will show you how to make your own 2D games using Android Studio from scratch. All resources used are free to use even for commercial use, so you can add your own game to the Google Play and earn money through ads. Remember that floppy bird used to earn $50,000 a day. 2D games is still powerful in the modern time of technology.

Course Highlights

  • Create Basic 2D Games on Android using Android Studio
  • Import games assets like custom image, sound, and background to your game
  • Make game introduction and menu
  • Basic Android programming is included
  • Include ads to your game to earn money
  • 4.5 hours of video tutorial

Before taking this course, you should have a basic programming knowledge in using Java or other object oriented language.

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Now that you have my list, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be easy to learn how to make android apps. All the information that you need to get started is here. The list we’re arranged based on what I think is the best to enroll. But it’s always a good move to enroll into several courses.

It’s good to know the different routes when you go to your destination.

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