Best Selling CSS Flexbox Starter Course

I’ve listed down the top CSS Flexbox Starter Course for you. Using CSS flexbox is one of the best way to create modern website layout today. This has a lot of advantages over traditional layout using divs and table. What? tables… Yes. table was used to create website layout.

The Complete Flexbox Tutorial: Learn CSS3 Flexbox in 2017

This is on the top of our list. For about 2 hours you will get a very good understanding on CSS Flexbox. More than 3,500 students are currently enrolled and it gets 4.7 rating out of 5.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to create modern layout using CSS Flexbox
  • Best practice on coding high quality and reusable CSS code
  • Create CSS Flexbox Galleries
  • One of the best selling CSS Flexbox Course in Udemy

Between lectures you’ll have a quiz to test what you have learned. It’s highly recommended for anyone who wants to know the latest techniques and best practice of CSS layout. Before taking this course make sure that you have a good understanding of basic HTML and CSS.

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Professional CSS Flexbox

This course is our runner up but it has an advantage over our number 1 spot. Greg Bararaghimian, the author of this course also focused on the use of CSS Flexbox for web and mobile application. If you want to concentrate on learning user interfaces for web and mobile application, this is perfect for you.

Course Highlights

  • Ideal for web and mobile UI learners
  • Tips in solving layout problems with Flexbox
  • Understand the foundation of Flexbox

Like all other courses, Basic HTML and CSS is required. The course will take 40 minutes to complete with additional 5 bonus related articles.

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Responsive Web Design Academy

With this course, you will not only learn about CSS Flexbox but you will also have a good understanding on responsive web design in general. This includes creating CSS layout that will fit for desktop, tablets, and mobile.

Course Highlights

  • Bootstrap CSS framework is also included
  • jQuery mobile is also included to create touch optimized mobile website
  • Using media queries and breakpoints
  • Website optimization for fast performance
  • Create jQuery drop down menu
  • Fix problems with Flexbox

Mobile first approach is becoming popular and this is a good course to get started with this method. Everything that you need in creating responsive layout will be discussed in 4.5 hours on-demand video.

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Build Modern Web Layouts With CSS Flexbox

This is another best selling course for CSS flexbox and this time the author claims that you will have a hands-on and in-depth experience in creating CSS Flexbox layouts.

Course Highlights

  • Flexible layout without code hacking and media queries
  • Build intricate layouts with shorter code
  • Advance CSS Flexbox tutorial

This course is suited for anyone who wants to be really serious about CSS and web development. If you finished your course on basic HTML and CSS, this is the step 2.

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