Do Udemy Courses Expire?

If you’re new to Udemy and wondering if the course you bought will expire, then the quick answer is NO. It has not course time limit because you have lifetime access to the courses you bought or enrolled.

Udemy courses will never expire once you purchased it. They offer on-demand and very affordable courses. It means, you can buy any course that you need. And you can watch it on your iPhone or Android mobile phones, TV, and computer. Unlike, this is not a subscription and you only pay once for every course that you want. Read my article about Udemy vs

Can I refund a course in Udemy?

Yes. if you’re not satisfied with a course, you can request a full refund within 30 days. But I strongly suggest to read carefully and watch the overview of the course before buying. Course refund is very often because all course were reviewed carefully by Udemy staff.

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Best Udemy Courses

To get you started on taking online courses I’ve created a list of categories for you to choose from. Pick a category below and choose the best selling course that fits your interest.

  1. Learn to how create a website
  2. I want to learn how to make mobile apps for Andoid and IOS 
  3. Learn How to Make Games
  4. I’m Interested in Learning Business and Management
  5. I want to improve my knowledge in IT and Software developement
  6. I want to be a Graphic Designer
  7. I want to be an Online Marketing Expert
  8. Become a Musician
  9. Become a Health and Fitness guru

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