Top 5 Courses That Will Teach You How to Draw a Face Like a Pro

Here’s a list of online video tutorials that will teach you how to draw a face like a pro.

Beginners are having a hard time to draw faces whether it’s for cartoon, comic book, anime, manga, or realistic.

How many papers have you crumpled and thrown to the garbage can for attempting to draw human face?  The struggle has ended. Today I’ve collected the best drawing courses that focus on drawing faces.

I compiled the best tutorials for student, kids, and even professionals.

Let’s dive in to our list!

How to Draw Manga Faces and Hair

Manga is a world phenomenon since the 90’s. Every kid during that time are drawing anime and manga characters. When I was in pre-school, I’m amazed how dragon ball was drawn. As a young child, I grew up drawing Son Goku and other anime character.

I know most of children today are like me. They want to draw anime. This is a very big impact to everyone’s childhood. The only difference today is you have more medium to draw. During my youth, I’m stuck with pen, paper, and  crayons.

In this course you will learn how to master the art of drawing anime faces.

What do you need to get started?

What I like about this course

  • Learn the basic measurement and proportion of faces
  • Specific tutorial on how to draw eyes, ear, mouth, nose, and hair
  • Draw anime faces with emotions
  • Perfect for drawing enthusiast and future professional artists

If you are really into manga and anime, this course is highly recommended for you. Mastering how to draw anime faces is a big part of drawing anime because face has the emotion to make the character alive.

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How to Draw Comic Book Faces - For Beginners

Drawing comic faces may sound boring to some people. But it’s close to realistic faces. It’s more serious and lack of fun. But this is still a big industry like manga.

This course will focus on drawing comic book faces using Sketchbook Pro 8 step-by-step. It includes mastery of drawing male and female faces in full frontal view and other techniques to speed up the drawing. You will get tips and tricks in Sketbook Pro 8 too.

You will understand face proportions to make the drawing process easier and accurately.  The complete course will take 1.5 hours to complete.

Course Highlights

  • Master comic book drawing of male and female faces
  • Learn to color a face
  • Tips and tricks in using Sketchbook Pro in drawing faces

If you have experience with Sketbook Pro, this course is perfect for you. Mastering the skill of drawing faces has a lot opportunity in comics and animation industry.

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Learn to Draw Pretty Faces for Comic Books

This is a good addition to the featured course above. If you want to focus and master the skill to draw beautiful female faces, this will help you a lot to improve you talent.

This course will teach you how to draw a pretty girl face. Please keep in mind that you can’t marry your drawing after taking this course.

Course highlights

  • Fall in love with your drawing after taking this course
  • Master the art of drawing nose, eyes, hair, lips, and other facial features
  • Learn to draw pretty faces at different angles step-by-step

This video tutorial is ideal for beginners but even professionals can learn from this course. This is ideal for anyone who wants to master drawing beautiful girl face. Click the green button below to watch preview and see the full curriculum.

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Drawing & shading beautiful Male and Female face -easy steps

Drawing realistic faces can be a big challenge to most artists. It takes a lot of measurements, proportions, shadings, and creativity to fake the eyes of a viewer.

With this course, you will learn the step-by-step procedure on how to draw realistic faces of male and female. It’s a good foundation for portrait drawing and painting.

Although the author used HB and 2B pencils, you can use any pencil to practice this skill or you can purchase the complete set here.

What you will learn?

  • Create shadow effect on face
  • Draw a realistic face both front and side profiles
  • Learn face proportions and guidelines

If you think drawing realistic faces is your game. Click the button below to see the full curriculum and course preview.

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How To Draw Cute Cartoon Animal Faces

This is another good addition to your learning list. Drawing cartoon animals is very in-demand on children books and animated cartoons. So if you want to become a book illustrator you better check this out.

As a child it’s a frustration to know how to draw a dog face. I’m sure everyone of us felt that during pre-school. When you become mommy or daddy, you’re child will be impressed on how you draw his favorite animal and you can teach these techniques even for children.

Reasons to love this course

  • You only need pen, paper, eraser, and interest to get started
  • Pen tablet is only optional if you want to try digital painting
  • 2.5 hours of lecture to master drawing cute cartoon animals
  • Learn the proper shading to add life to cartoon animal face

Learn to draw the face of cat, monkey, baby elephant, mouse, pig, puppy, dog, and more. Make sure to hit the button below to view free videos and curriculum.

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Cool Tip for You

The featured courses above are just overwhelming…

But make sure to purchase each or any of the course using the coupon codes on this page.

Aside from learning how to draw different faces, you may also want to master anything about drawing. Here’s a short list that you should check as well.

Happy Learning!

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