Best Electron Desktop App Tutorials

Building desktop apps used to be complicated. You are required to learn hard core programming just to build applications for Windows such as C++, Visual Studio, C++, VB.NET, or Java. Not to mention, a different programming language is also needed to make a version of that application for Mac and Linux.

The dark ages of desktop app development has ended. Electron is now here, used to be known as Atom Shell, this is definitely a game changer in the world of desktop applications. And today I’ve listed the best Electron tutorial. But before that, let’s have an quick overview of what is Electron?

What I like about Electron?

Well you only need HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create your own desktop application. And the best thing is it’s going to be compatible with different platforms. It’s a combination of Chromium and Node.js into a single runtime. Some desktop application made with Electron are Atom, Slack, and WordPress.

Imagine this

You make an app for Windows and it’s going to be compatible with mac and linux. It’s like hitting 3 birds with one stone. And everything will run the same.

Advantages of Electron

  1. Development cost of Electron application is cheaper
  2. Applications can be viewed on browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox
  3. Simplified and easier to use
  4. Create cross platform desktop apps

The list of best Electron app tutorial that you will see are premium courses and are not free. Make sure to get a coupon code below to get big discount on your purchase.


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Electron for Desktop Apps: The Complete Developer's Guide

The title says it all. But for the sake of my passion to share amazing courses, I have to explain it.

This course will guide you to use your HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge to create animated and compelling desktop applications which are perfect for web developers and for anyone familiar with these basic programming languages.

The author doesn’t want you to copy and paste codes that aren’t familiar with you. In this tutorial, you will understand every piece of code that is going to be used on what you are building.

What I like about this course

  • Every topic includes a discussion
  • Understand every piece of code
  • Related examples were given
  • Integrate Electron with React and Redux

I strongly suggest to get this course if you want to master building desktop apps using Electron JS. Click the button below to see video preview and complete course curriculum.

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Beginners Guide to Electron Framework

This course will show you how to build a calculator desktop app using Electron framework. Does it sounds simple to you? That’s not all. You will also learn core concepts of Electron along the way. Make sure you have a basic knowledge on HTML, CSS, and Javascript before taking this course. If you’re not familiar with these programming languages, have a look on these free courses.

You will also learn the different components that makes up Electron framework. These inlcudes Chromium, Node.js, and Native APIs to run cross platform operating systems.

Course Highlights

  • Create real life apps (calculator)
  • Integrate other front end frameworks such as bootstrap and Photon
  • Ideal for beginners ( knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript is required)

This may not be as great as what you can get on the editor’s pick, but it’s a good addition for your reference on mastering Electron. Hit the green button below to view full course curriculum and free sample videos.

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Master Electron: Desktop Apps using HTML, JavaScript & CSS

This is a full packed Electron crash course that will take 5.5 hours to complete. Every piece of important Electron API are explained in detailed. It will guide you from installation to setting up the tools you need up to debugging and publishing your first desktop application.

What I like about this course

  • All tools needed are provided
  • Complete Electron course
  • Build real-world application
  • I really like the tone and phasing of the author

I’m pretty sure that at the end of this course, you can make your own desktop app compatible with Windows and Mac. This course is highly recommended.

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