List of Free Udemy Courses

What I like about Udemy is they allow their authors to publish free online classes. Most of them are good starting point to learn the basic of the subject they want to study. Free online courses are helpful for anyone with a tight budget and for those who wants to try Udemy for free.

How to get Udemy courses for free?

Getting a free Udemy course is easy. I would suggest to create an account first to monitor your growth as a learner and save all your wishlist courses.

  1. Click any course on the list below.
  2. Login to your account or Sign Up if you don’t have one yet.
  3. Locate the free course you want to choose and hit Enroll Now button.
  4. Enjoy learning!

Can I download Udemy courses?

The answer is yes. After setting up your account, you can download these FREE Udemy video tutorials to your mobile phone and enjoy learning anywhere anytime.


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Free Udemy Course for Web Development

Here’s a list of web development course if you’re interested to learn how to make a website. These courses include free tutorials on HTML5 and CSS3. Getting a free video tutorials is a good starting point to test your ability and interest. After finishing each curriculum, I would suggest to move on paid and premium course to level up your skill.

Hot Tip!

Getting a free web development course is good for starters. If you’re serious about learning how to make websites like a pro. I strongly recommend getting the bestselling and high quality web development course in Udemy, The Web Developer Bootcamp

There are more than 122,000 students enrolled to this course. Click here to enroll.

Free WordPress Udemy Courses

WordPress is known for being the best option to make a blog website. But today it’s widely used for corporate website, personal website, company website, and even an online store. Free tutorials are listed down for you to get started learning WordPress.

Free Udemy Course to Learn How to Make an App

Learn how to make android or ios app with these free courses in Udemy.


Developing mobile apps is becoming popular. You need to stand out from the crowd, equip yourself with the latest innovation on mobile application.

Have you heard Augmented Reality lately? This is a hot topic for mobile developers. Make it your edge today and become in-demand. Click here to get access to this premium Augmented Reality Course for iOS.

Free Udemy Course to Learn Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s standard software when it comes to graphic design. It’s widely use around the world for web or print design. There are lots of graphic design software but learning Photoshop is everyones first step. Checkout these free courses below.


Learning Photoshop can be confusing because it has a lot of topic with various application in real world. For beginners, I recommend to get the Ultimate Photoshop Training from Beginner to Pro to get the right path in learning Photoshop.

Free Udemy Course to Learn Programming

Programming has no limitation. Even kids from grade school can make a simple game. Elon Musk and Bill Gates are using programming at a very young age. With programming, you can build any software or application.


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Free Udemy Course to learn Photography

Getting your camera and shooting photos has never been easy. This is the reason why photography is becoming a popular hobby for many of us. But you can get it to the next level. Learn to become a professional photographer or just at least be a good photographer for your friends, family and for your own self fulfillment.  Here’s a list of free photography courses to get you started.

More to come! Make sure to bookmark this page and get the latest updates of free Udemy courses.

Free Udemy Course to learn Marketing

The key to online success is mastering marketing. Audience and sales is at your control if you know how to reach them properly. The most successful online marketers are earning million and even billions of dollars with this skill.

From monetizing your blog to promoting your small business – marketing is your key to earn and get authority on the internet.

Free Udemy Course for Game Development

Game development is one of the coolest thing to learn in Udemy. Many people enjoy games and wonder how it’s made. Learning how to make games for PC, mobile, or game console is not easy thing to do. If you want to get an overview of what and how to make games, these list of free course to learn how to make games is perfect for you.


If you want to become a hard core game maker, it’s worth to learn C++ programming. The Unreal Engine Developer Course – Learn C++ & Make Games is a premium course for you to get started. Learn C++ from scratch and start creating high quality video game for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, mobile phones, or even VR platforms.


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