How To Make A Website?

Have you ever wonder how to build a website? At first, I thought that to build a website you have to be a geek.

After gathering information about the project, you can start to work on Photoshop and make a layout. The layout is only an image file (PSD format). Photoshop is the best tool for me and for most of the designers around the world, and you’ll learn how to use it in this course.

Photoshop Web Design Layout

Once you are satisfied with the design you made, you can start slicing the images.


This is the process of cutting out the parts of the image layout that you did. You cut out the logo, graphics, background, etc. See the image below. The slice tool will make this task.

PSD to HTML Slicing

HTML Coding

I know most of you are familiar with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or simply the scripting language used in websites. These are codes that create the structure of a web page. We add text and images to a website using this language.

HTML coding in dreamweaver

How to Add Art and Style?

CSS (Cascading STYLE Sheet) is in-charge of styling your boring HTML to gain beauty. This is in-charge to add margin, padding, set font styles, color, background image, etc.

html and css coding

The sliced images will be used together with HTML and CSS. It can be on the background or in the content. Same process will take place on the other pages. Linking the different web pages will build a complete and functional website.

linking HTML pages to create website

Domain Name and Hosting Account

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Your web page can be viewed in your local computer (not on the internet yet). For you to be able to put it online, you need a Domain Name and Hosting Account. Domain name is the address of your website like,, and Hosting Account is something that you avail from companies that provide web space for your site. This gives you an access to their server where you can upload your files.

How to make your website live in the internet?

After availing the accounts above, you can upload your files to the internet using FTP (file transfer protocol) software. This software connects you to the server and makes your website visible on the internet.

If you want to make a website, keep on visiting this site and read the next lessons.