Learn How to Make Apps Using iOS 11

iOS 11 is coming this fall and as a mobile app developer should update yourself or else you will be left behind.

What’s New on iOS 11?

Keep up to date by acquiring the iOS 11 latest features on control center, updated user interface, drag and drop functions, iPad dock, Siri improvements, the do not disturb mode while driving, and peer to peer Apple Pay.

Below are the latest and current courses and tutorials available to learn creating iPhone apps using iOS 11. Feel free to read each description and features to check if it’s the perfect course for your level of skill and interest.

What do you need to learn iOS development?

NOTE: All iOS courses below requires computers running OSX. It means you should have a Mac computer or a MacBook. Click here for the latest deals of Mac on Amazon.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a mac computer, you can run OSX on Windows PC

Why You Should Learn to Develop iOS Apps?

The average income of iOS developer in the US is around $85,000 and the highest possible income depending on the company and level of skill is at $128,000. If that isn’t enough motivation for a geek like you, remember Flappy bird? Do you know that the mobile developer used to earn $50,000 a day with that simple game? Amazing isn’t it?

How much should you spend to buy online courses?

My list of hand picked courses below aren’t free. Each course may cost you $200 each. But the good news is I have discount coupon to cut off the price. Copy the coupon code below to buy each course for $10 only.


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The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course - Build 20 Apps

Once enrolled, you will have full and lifetime access to the 37-hour intensive and complete iOS 11 course. You will learn the different tools to make iPhone apps using Xcode 9 and Swift 4.

It offers tutorials on how to make real world app like Instagram and Uber using CoreML and ARKit (you can also learn how to integrate augmented reality with your iOS app). At the end of the course, you should call your self a professional iOS developer and get development jobs or become a freelance mobile app developer.

Why buy this course?

  • Complete and comprehensive iOS 11 course
  • Full course from absolute beginners with no coding experience to a professional iOS developer
  • Complete toolkit access
  • $100 AWS credit
  • $200 worth of unlimited web hosting
  • free ebook
  • 111 bonus articles
  • graphics asset worth $300 with 1,000 backgrounds, icons, and buttons

For a few bucks you will get more than what you expected. It’s one of the best deal that you can get on the internet. Learning how to develop apps in iOS is not easy. It’s a complicated process and a lot of tools and assets are needed to get every job done. What I like about this course is they already provided everything you need plus other bonuses.

I’m sure this is the perfect iOS developer course for you. Hit the button below to get started learning developing apps.

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The Ultimate iOS 11 Course. Learn to Build Apps!

Are you ready to learn iOS 11 and build apps?

What I have here is probably the most comprehensive course on iOS 11 that covers a wide range of topics. This is ideal for beginners who wants to have a big overview of the power of iOS 11.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Xcode 9
  • Swift 4
  • ARKit
  • Core ML
  • SpriteKit
  • WatchKit
  • and more

Aside from learning how to code, you will also learn how to design user interface and make real world apps from scratch.

Course Highlights

  • 51.5 hours of comprehensive lesson on iOS 11
  • 31 Related articles
  • 5 Coding exercises
  • Learn to make iOS app form scratch
  • Design UI using photoshop
  • Make Apple Watch apps
  • Build games
  • Explore Augmented Reality for iPhone
  • Ideal for beginners

This is a good starting course for beginners to understand how to make iOS 11 apps. Aside from the core concepts of building apps, you will also make your own app like  basic to advanced calculator, RGB to HEX code color converter, mobile games, Apple watch app, etc.

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How to Make a Freaking iPhone App - iOS 11 and Swift 4

If you want to have a funny teacher while learning iOS development, you’re in the right place. Nick Walter, the author of this course may look crazy but this self-taught iPhone programmer understand your struggle on learning new things with no direction.

This course is result oriented. After you learned the core concepts and foundation of iOS development, you will create a real world iOS app like Snapchat and Pokemon Go. It’s going to be a great experience because you will see how to make these apps and who knows? You might be the next big thing in Apps Store.

Here’s a list of apps that you will make:

  1. A dictionary of emoji app
  2. ToDo list
  3. TalkBoy – record sound and play them back
  4. Augmented Reality – use 3D animation that can join the real world
  5. Snapchat clone
  6. Pokemon Go clone
  7. Collector app – take a picture of anything and save make a catalog

Course Highlights

  • Create iOS apps that can access camera and microphone
  • Build clone apps like Snapchat and Pokemon Go
  • Learn how you can earn money on iOS
  • Includes tutorials on Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

This is a great course if your curious how successful apps were made.

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iOS 11 and Xcode 9 - Complete Swift 4 & Objective-C Course

This is one of the most comprehensive course on iOS 11 development. The author promises that you will learn to make iOS applications from ground up. It’s ideal for beginners and for anyone with passion on mobile app development.

What you will get?

  • 56-hour video tutorial
  • 230 supplemental resources
  • Life time access
  • Support if you get stuck in the middle of coding

What’s unique about this course is you will not only learn Xcode 9 and Swift 4, you will also learn how to use Objective-C programming which can be used in developing OSX apps. If you will take a look at the course curriculum, you will see that the main focus of this course is Swift and Objective-C.

Course Highlights

  • Structured and comprehensive Swift 4 and Objective-C tutorial
  • Playing and streaming videos in app
  • How to add In App purchase in your iOS app
  • Using ARKit or Integrating Augmented Reality
  • Creating iMessage Extensions
  • Submit apps on App Store and make Update Support
  • How to earn money from Earning Revenue Ad Networks
  • Image and Sound integration to iOS app
  • How to enable camera features to your app

This is a great way to understand the core concepts of Swift 4 and Objective-C which are essential skill to make limitless iOS applications.

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Practical iOS 11 - Master Apple's great new iOS features

If you’re looking of iOS developer course to know the latest update and API of iOS 11, this course is for you. By building 7 real world apps using iOS 11, you will practice and understand the latest techniques to build a high quality app.

For about 6.5 hours you will see how the latest iOS will work with your apps. The author is still adding new tutorials and keep on updating the course. Once you bought this course you will get lifetime updates and access.

Course Highlights

  • Not ideal for beginners
  • This course is for intermediate to advanced iOS developer
  • Learn to use NFC tags using Core NFC in iOS 11
  • Focus on latest API, PDFKit framework, and MusicKit APIs
  • Depth-mapping API with iPhone 7 Plus camera
  • Explore the latest features of Xcode 9
  • Build 7 apps using the lates iOS 11 API and features
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Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass

This is another advanced iOS 11 course for students with basic knowledge. The focus of this complete tutorial is Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

If you’r not familiar with Machine Learning, it’s a branch of Artificial Intelligent that allows the app to recognize and predict patterns like facial recognition and voice activation. Machine learning can be a complex topic but this course will give you mastery in the 3 branches of applied Machine Learning as follows:

  1. Images & Video Processing
  2. Text Analysis
  3. Speech & Language Recognition

In this course, you will not only make an ordinary apps. You will know how to build smart and intelligent iOS applications using machine learning. It will allow you to create apps that can recognize photos, voice, and patterns. It’s like making an app with artificial brain. Sounds exciting right?

What I like about this course?

  • This is a must-have course when learning advance iOS development
  • Put your iOS coding to the next level
  • Learn to apply smart senses to your apps
  • Make iOS apps with Machine Learning using Swift 4

If you want big opportunities to come to you, master Machine Learning and tech giants will run after you. Google and IBM are taking the lead in revolutionizing the future proof technology. This is a perfect course if you’re looking for a tutorial on Machine Learning for iOS.

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