Is Udemy Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Udemy is one of the best marketplace to get tutorials of anything that you want to learn online – from hard core programming to cake decoration. It is popular because you can pick any topic and purchase the course for free or with a very reasonable price. The price ranges from free to $200.

Sounds good right? but is Udemy legit?

The quick answer is YES. There are million students enjoying learning online.

Tips and Tricks

Udemy courses price are reasonable, but you can get prices for as low as $10 or $15 on each course using these Udemy Voucher Codes. Make sure to check this page before buying a course.

Now let’s try to compare Udemy with other leading online courses provider.

Udemy vs has been in the game since 1995 and I’ve taken a lot of course from them. I would say that they are a bit pricey since the offer to access to all courses rather than paying what you need. Udemy on the other hand is very flexible, you buy what courses you want and you’ll have a life-time access on course updates and changes.


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Advantages of over Udemy

  1. More professional video production
  2. Authors have better credentials
  3. Access to all courses
  4. Free access if you’re a student from a University

Advantages of Udemy over

  1. with free courses
  2. you pay what course you want to access
  3. courses are more in-depth and fun
  4. more interactive because of built-in coding practice and helpful resources
  5. made by actual professionals that practice the skill
  6. more updated courses
  7. wide range of topics and languages

If you will think about it. Udemy is a better option and you get most out of you money and you can set a budget to learn something new.

Udemy Fake Reviews

Fake news has been popularized since Trump won the election. Today even products and courses are having fake reviews. Authors and content contributors will do tricks to get a sale but there are signs to differentiate a fake review with the legit ones. Most fake reviews to course are too good to be true and mostly talks about the positive sides. Also, the course preview and free lessons will give you an idea if its worth to purchase the course.

Udemy Complaints

There are few complaints like having trouble accessing the course but these are just technical glitches and can be reported with the technical support department. Don’t get disappointed with some reports and complaints that you read online. You can always try a free or a discounted course to try out and see how it goes.

Udemy Competition and Aternatives

Here’s a list of websites similar to Udemy:

  • Coursera
  • Lynda
  • Udacity
  • Codeacademy
  • Khan Academy
  • Iversity
  • Bloc
  • Skillshare
  • General Assembly

Best Udemy Courses

To get you started on taking online courses I’ve created a list of categories for you to choose from. Pick a category below and choose the best selling course that fits your interest.

  1. Learn to how create a website
  2. I want to learn how to make mobile apps for Andoid and IOS 
  3. Learn How to Make Games
  4. I’m Interested in Learning Business and Management
  5. I want to improve my knowledge in IT and Software developement
  6. I want to be a Graphic Designer
  7. I want to be an Online Marketing Expert
  8. Become a Musician
  9. Become a Health and Fitness guru

As I mentioned above, Udemy offers free courses so don’t forget to check my article List of Free Udemy Courses


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Final Verdict

Overall, Udemy is one of the best place to learn new skills online. This is a big community of professionals and learners and still growing. For me, this is the most convenient way to learn. Using more senses to learn new things will activate you brain’s retention capacity. Remember that reading only uses your eyes. Audiobook only use your eyes. When you want interactive video courses like Udemy, you use your eyes, ears, and hands (coding exercises).

There you go. Don’t forget to use the voucher code below to get amazing big discount on purchasing your first Udemy course.

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