What programming language does Android use?

Now that you get interested in creating you own android app and wonder what language does android use?. You’re actually asking yourself what to learn. I’ve listed down several android development video tutorials on my previous post. You should check that out if you’re serious in becoming an android app developer.

What is a programming language?

First, you should know what programming language is. The simplest explanation is these are pieces of codes that works as a command to make actions, conditions, calculation, and almost anything that a brain can do. It’s like telling someone what to do. You speak English if you’re talking to American or speak French if you’re talking to someone from France. In our case, we should speak Java to talk to Android apps.

We have translators too…

We can simplify the process of speaking Java to our mobile app. Some sort of translators are the tools that mobile app developers use like Android Studio, Microsoft Studio, and Phonegap. It makes creating android app very easy.

Programming language for android

To answer you question really quick. It’s Java, which is same programming and same technology being used on various devices, appliances, programs, gadgets, and almost anything that uses electricity.

The most common programming language used in android development are the following:

  • Java
  • Corona
  • Phonegap
  • Titanium
  • Gamesalad
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Android Studio

Android App Development for Beginners: 83 Hours+ & 78 Apps

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Course Highlights

Here are some notes before taking this course in Udemy:

  • Programming knowledge is NOT required.
  • Be ready to master Java programming for Android
  • Manage your time properly to complete the 83-hour course
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