Top 5 Python Flask Tutorial to Create Web Applications

If you’re learning Python programming, you may encounter the use of Flask.

I’ve listed the best Python Flask tutorial for you to get started. But before we start, let’s start answering some questions that you might have in your mind.

What is Flask?

Flask is a web framework powered by Python. It is designed for creating web applications and dynamic websites. Building a web application from scratch with Python will require a lot of time and expertise, but with Flask, everything you need to get started is available. If you’re the kind of guy who wants to focus in web development, learn Flask before learning a more advance web framework for Python.

Should I use Flask or Django?

Django is number 1 when we talk about a framework for web use. But it’s very complicated and overwhelming. Most of your projects can be made  with Django but in some situations and projects, you may need a more straightforward and easier web framework, and that it Flask.

The Flask courses that I listed below will teach you how to use flask. Flask documentation is hard to understand. Like many students, a video course is much preferred.

Let’s now move on our list!

Professional Python Web Development Using Flask

This course will show you how to make a web application using Python Flask. The project will focus on creating a blog type website. What I like on this course is it includes basic concepts for Python programming. It’s basically ideal for beginners who wants to see the power of Flask.

Course Highlights

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Basic Python course included
  • Know how to use Cloud9, MySQL, and Docker
  • Make a blog web application
  • Quiz on every chapter

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Learning Path: Python Web Development

Python is so powerful specially when you use a web framework like Django or Flask. Some of it’s product are Pinterest and Instagram. This 8-hour course will focus on web development. It’s not only limited to Flask, it will also cover some application of Django.

Course Details

  • Basic knowledge on Python is required
  • Learn Flask and Django at the same time
  • Build real-world web application using Flask

This is a good learning path for any Python programmer. Understanding Flask is a good start to explore the capabilities of Python. I would suggest to learn Django after taking this course.

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Mastering Flask

This flask tutorial is ideal for advanced Python programmers. This is a fast-paced course focusing on extensive application of Flask framework. Flask may be simple but in this course, you will explore its extensions.

Course Highlights

  • For advanced users
  • Advanced Flask core concepts
  • Learn to create a website movie database like IMDB


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The Build a SAAS App with Flask Course

This course will show you how to use Flask in creating web app like SASS. You will also learn how to create a complete user management system with flexible admin interface.

The author made a good amount of research to compile everything you need to create set up recurring payments, manage users, create custom admin, and more. Having information overload is a serious problem, but with this course, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Course highlights

  • Basic HTML, CSS and Javascript is required
  • All software used are free
  • Learn to create complex web app and websites
  • Learn Python, Flask, and Docker

This is the only course that guarantee you to become a Flask master after 9.5 hours of video tutorial.

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REST APIs with Flask and Python

This is another best seller course in Flask category. If you want to master REST APIs, this course is perfect for you. Although you need programming experience to understand this course, a Python refresher is provided.

The author will help you to avoid copy-paste of codes that aren’t familiar with you. He wants to put you to the next level of programming. At the end of the course, you should be able to create a complete and production ready REST APIs with Python Flask framework.

What I like about this course

  • Coding exercises
  • Python refresher course
  • Broad and thorough topics on Flask
  • Focus on REST API’s

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