Recommended Mozilla Plug-ins for Web Designers

firefox plug-in

Mozilla Firefox offers different plug-ins or add-ons that can help users enhance their surfing experience. These add-ons are helpful in customizing the look of your browser, add additional features for searching, gaming, web development, and more.

Mozilla Plug-ins play a very important role in web development, it makes the job fast and easy. You will need the add-ons below once you started to create a website. It’s good if you will download it now and explore their features.


Firebug is the most important Mozilla Add-on for me. Actually, I can’t create a website without this. When I started working on websites, I am not aware about this plug-in but since then, creating, managing, and fixing errors in websites become easy for me and I can’t live without it anymore. Firebug is like an x-ray machine that examines web pages in real time. It let’s you edit the codes and see the result instantly.

Watch the demoDownload Firebug

Web Developer

This is a Mozilla plug-in that offers various tools for web designers and developer. Here you have a quick control to disable or enable JavaScript, images or CSS that you need in some situation. You also have an access to put borders on the elements that you need during debugging. One of its feature that I really like is the ruler, you can use the ruler in measuring or estimating the dimension of images, advertisement, width of a page, etc.. Furthermore, there’s a feature where you can put different screen resolutions to test how your page look using smaller resolution monitors.

Watch the Demo | Download Web Developer Tool


The purpose of this plug-in is to get a screen-shot of a web page. Usually, we use the print screen key in the keyboard to capture a screen-shot, but this plug-in let you capture the entire page, visible area, and selected area. This is useful in creating reports.

Watch the Demo | Download Fireshot


Colorzilla let’s you copy any color that you see on a web page by having it’s hexadecimal value. Hexadecimal Value of a color is the method of naming a color in web design(#FFFFFF for white, #000000 for black, and #FF0000 for red). This is useful in designing and coding.

Watch the Demo | Download Colorzilla

Open With

This is the latest Mozilla add-on that I discovered. I recommend this because it is really useful and can speed up my work. Before, when checking my works in different browsers, I have to copy and paste the URL. However, because of this plug-in, I manage to check my work in multiple browsers by just few clicks from Mozilla.

Watch the Demo | Download Open With

Warning: Do not overwhelm your self in downloading too much plug-in because it can slow down your browser. Just limit it and choose the best Mozilla Firefox Add-On