Test Your Website on Mobile and Other Devices

If you are a newbie in creating website for mobile and other device like ipad, it is hard for you to know how they look on these gadgets, specially if you don’t have one.

Please note that the tools below only have the capability of getting the resolution of these devices. It will not show how exactly it will look like on iphone and tablets.

As of now, I only have these tools. Feel free to leave comments if you found a better source. Please share what you have for the benefits of everybody.

1. Responsive Design Tester

Responsive Design Tester

This tool allows you to enter the URL of your mobile and choose which gadget you want to test your website.

2. Screenfly by Quirktools


You can enter the URL of your website and hit the Go button. You can notice that on the upper left corner, you can see the current resolution of your browser. You can resize your browser window to match the resolution you’re looking for.

3. Responsive Design Test Bookmarklet

Responsive Design Test Bookmarklet

This is one of the most advance tool I use. You can test your work on multiple screen sizes with a single click.

4. Resizer – A responsive design bookmarklet


This is the faster way to test responsive design. This tool can be installed on Mozilla and Chrome browser. This way, you can test your website even if it’s not live. Just save it in local computer and use this amazing tool.

5. Resize My Browser

resize my browser

This is the first tool that I use. You can choose your desired phone or tablet before you add the URL of your site. This works perfectly but you should have a high resolution monitor.

If you’re really serious in creating website for mobile and tablets, the tools above can be very useful but if you’re aiming for the best, you should have an iphone and tablet just to be sure. Having these gadgets is a good investment. Make your client happy.

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