Run Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer in One Computer

Are you a web designer and testing your websites on different browsers? I know that you are thinking if you can test your website in multiple versions of Internet Explorer by using one computer.

I’ve read from an article that it’s possible to run multiple Internet Explorer versions in one computer but will take a lot of time and programming stuff. Installing IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9 in one computer is hard if you’re not a computer geek. And this process might harm your computer and cause you a bigger problem.

As I research the internet for several months, I finally found out the software that can run multiple IEs. It is called IE Tester. This is a special type of browser that lets you open a web page using ie6 to ie9. The first versions of this software contains bugs, but it is being fixed on updates. The best thing about this tester is it’s free to use.

multiple IE using IE tester

This is one of the best tools for web designer when it comes to cross browser testing. Download and installing IE Tester is easy, just make sure that you’re downloading the latest version, and don’t forget to update.

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