Top 5 Best Shopify Tutorial For Beginners

Learning Shopify isn’t easy specially when you’re only reading it from a PDF tutorial. You really need a Shopify training course to be an e-commerce pro. I’m also tired of disorganized tutorials that you can get for free.

That’s why today I’ve listed down the best Shopify courses that you can find online.

Shopify is becoming popular as an alternative to a traditional e-commerce website where you manage your own website and deal with the whole process of managing an online store. As a beginner, it would be difficult to find a high quality and step by step guide in learning new things.

There are plenty of Shopify Tutorials in YouTube and they are all free. But the question is… Are they worth to watch?

Are you going to learn everything in just few minutes? Most of these videos where just created to earn ads and not to share their knowledge to everyone.

Free Shopify Course?

I don’t really recommend taking free courses online. Yes you can learn from them but they are all scattered pieces of information. You don’t know where to start and how to get started. The list of Shopify courses below are well planned and a group of moderators and reviewers take a lot of time to analyze and assess the whole course if it’s worth to be sold online.

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Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify

I want to put this on the top of my list because for me it’s the most comprehensive one. But don’t stop from here. We have a lot more coming up. It’s also great to enroll to different tutorial on the same lesson. It’s like getting a lot of books in the library when your doing a research.

This is a complete Shopify tutorial for all levels including a beginner like you. Jason Miles created this 150-hour course with 49 lectures. He is an entrepreneur and personally own a Shopify online store. If you want to build your career in selling products online and too afraid to give it a try, why not suit yourself with knowledge on setting up your online shop. You can face any obstacle if you are well informed and guided by an expert.

It’s really great to learn new thing like watching shopify training videos. It’s more interactive and you actually see the step-by-step procedure on setting things up. Watching videos to learn is very far from reading.

Course Highlights

  • Use Shopify with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy
  • Best shopify training course
  • Learn and understand the Shopify E-commerce Environment
  • Create a Shopify website with step by step guide
  • Adding products to your website
  • Choosing the best payment option for your online store
  • Adding more features to your existing Shopify website
  • Manage money your earn
  • Learn how to get more customers to visit and buy your product
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc to integrate with Shopify
  • Analyze and understand analytics tools to monitor your profit
  • Personal tips and shortcut from a Shopify expert
  • How to set up a shopify website

This course is the best-selling Shopify Tutorial on Udemy. There were 3,700+ and counting beginners that took this course. I’m sure they will never get wrong for giving this a 4.5 out of 5 score. Feel free to take this course using the link below.

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Ecommerce for Beginners – Become a Shopify Master Today!

Two heads are better than one. This tutorial was created by two Shopify experts – Thomas Wiesner and Andrew Reed. The title is quite catchy, if it’s true it means you can be a Shopify expert in just one day? Actually it’s a littler shorter than that. The whole course is 5.5 hours with 62 topics. It’s really worth it. If you can sit in your couch for the whole day, why not use the 6 hours in learning something new with just a few bucks.

Course Highlights

  • Setting up Shopify website
  • Understand Shipping, Payment, and Taxes
  • Using Blogs and Pages to promote your products
  • Tips in creating appealing product pictures
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping for Shopify
  • Email marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics and more

You can’t learn everything in just 6 hours of watching video tutorials. The best thing is that you already have an overview of what you are going to make. You should be confident enough to start your own Shopify website and start earning money.

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Shopify Tyrant: How To Start An E-commerce Biz From Scratch

This 3-hour course with 44 lectures will walk you through building a successful e-commerce website using Shopify. It claims that you can earn at least $100 a day of passive income which is a very nice teaser for everyone who wants to learn how to build an online store. This is really catchy for anyone looking for shopify online course.

This tutorial offer not only Shopify knowledge but e-commerce business as a whole. You’ll learn about Dropshipping, niche research, Facebook integration, AliExpress, Promoting your website, using Instagram for business and more.

What people say about this course

Course Highlights

  • How to earn money using Shopify Store
  • What products converts more
  • Creating an effective Facebook Ads
  • How to use Instagram to sell more
  • Recommend Apps
  • More mind blowing bonuses!

E-commerce is the future of store and it’s really a great opportunity that you can lear all of these stuff by spending few bucks and watch the video technically anywhere in the world.

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Shopify Masterclass : Proven Ecommerce Business For Newbies

Set up your Shopify online store in a day with this Shopify tutorial! This is another best seller in home business category in Udemy. In this course, you will earn the basic of setting up your own online store up to how to make your first sell.

Learning how to use Shopify to sell items is not enough. What I like about this course is you will also learn how to market your products efficiently and effectively, because you’re products are useless if you can’t target your possible customers properly.

What you’ll learn

  • Set up your own Shopify store in a day
  • How to set up and optimize ads on Facebook
  • Marketing tactics
  • Discover best selling products online

If you think this course is perfect for you, hit the button below.

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Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch

Dropshipping is a hot topic in e-commerce world and Shopify is one of the best tool to this latest trend. If you’re not familiar with dropshipping, it’s a way of having an online store minus the hassle. Think of having an online store but you don’t need a space for your product, you get rid the process of wrapping and shipping your product. A third party will take care all of the hassle, all you need to do is to market a product and they wil take care the rest.

Mastering dropshipping will justify “passive income” lifestyle. In this course, you will learn how to use Shopify with Dropshipping feature from scratch. The course will cover technical skills that you need to manage your Shopify store and in-depth techniques to master the art of dropshipping.


  • Learn a Dropshipping e-commerce business that’s available anywhere in the world
  • Learn to use Shopfiy platform
  • Understand marketing tips and tricks
  • Basic Shopify SEO to enhance search engine rankings
  • Learn to market research and niche research

Taking this course is like hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll learn how to manage a shopify store and at the same time, you will master Dropshipping. Don’t forget to check the free video samples by clicking the link below.

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Hope you liked it! Feel free to ask if you have questions. Share your experience with Shopify at the comment section below. Don’t forget to share my list to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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Learning Shopify Tips and Tricks

As I’ve said above, I strongly recommend getting paid shopify courses over free courses. PDF tutorials are fine but it’s really hard to visualize the steps when we deal with computer technologies.

Watch and learn is really applicable on computer courses. Buying tutorials online  doesn’t mean spending a lot of money to learn new things. Think of it as an investment. Checkout the latest Udemy coupons here to get courses for as low as $15 or $10.

Good luck on learning. Hope you learned how to use shopify like a boss!

*Some links may contain affiliate links. I may get small commission from your purchases to fund this website and to avoid annoying ads.