13+ Reasons Why I Love and Hate Udemy

If you’re skeptical about taking courses in Udemy, checkout my honest Udemy review below before spending your money on this online learning platform. You might think if Udemy is Legit?

Let’s get started with my reasons why I like this learning platform

Below are list of advantages of Udemy over other online course platform.

1. Udemy has Free Courses

Everybody wants free ice cream. It make people happy. For online learner, free course is mouth watering.

In Udemy, you have free versions of courses on almost all of the topics.

In my experience, free courses are good self assessment to test your interest and dedication to your topic. If you’re unsure if you want to learn Java programming, why don’t you get a free Java tutorial? you don’t spend money and you’ve experienced how hard the subject is.

Are Udemy Free Courses Any Good?

As I said above, free courses are good for beginners. But if you’re looking for a long term and high quality learning. When you are targeting to be a rockstar programmer, don’t settle for free courses. There are bunch of paid and advanced courses waiting. It’s all worth the money.

2. Made by Professionals

All Udemy courses were made by practicing professionals. You’re professor in high school can teach you programming but what is he’s full-time job? A teacher or a hard core programmer?

In Udemy, the guru, the rockstars, the geniuses, and the god from heaven of each topic went down to earth to share their knowledge to us. We’re lucky that they offer the golden rules of each course through video tutorials and resources.

Every author has an impressive achievement and credentials.

3. Big Discounts

Prices on Udemy may vary from free to $200. It sounds reasonable because the contents are high quality and very comprehensive.

But let me tell you a secret…

You can buy them for as low as $10 or $15 each.

Wanna know how?

Anwer: Using coupon codes! And you can get the latest Udemy coupons here or by copying the voucher code below.


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3. Language Support

Udemy doesn’t only teach in English. Every course is open to all. Most of the online tutorials that you can get is in English.

How about the non English countries?

In Udemy, there are courses which are in a native language. As of today, here are the available language available on various courses.

  1. Spanish
  2. Portugues
  3. Chinese
  4. Italian
  5. French
  6. Deutch
  7. Turkish
  8. Indonesian
  9. Arabic
  10. Polski
  11. Vietnamese
  12. and more

Allowing other language is a good thing about Udemy. It’s easier to understand the lesson when the medium is in their native language. If I speak Russian, and I want to learn Python programming, it will be hard for me if I don’t speak English. The resources will be limited.

4. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Most Udemy learners are not aware that you can refund your money if you’re not satisfied with the course. But these is very rare to happen. Every courses have free video preview. I think that is enough to see if you want to purchase the complete course.

5. Lifetime Access and Support

Once you bought a course in Udemy, lifetime access is guaranteed. You will get updates on every changes made by the author. This is overkill specially when you bought the course for $10 using voucher codes.

Aside from free updates, most of the high quality course have a community behind it. For example, you want to learn how to make android app, once you bought a course, you will also have access to a forum where you can ask questions and give feedback or support.

6. Interactive

Watching instructional video is not enough. In programming, it’s important to practice and learn how to code on your own.

Udemy offers different medium to learn. What I like most is the coding exercises where you need to type and check if you’re doing it right. There are also articles and helpful resources added by authors. It’s a complete package of learning tool.

7. No Monthly Fees

Unlike other platform, Udemy has a one-time payment rule. You pick a course and you only pay once and you get lifetime access. Other e-learning platform will ask you to pay on a monthly basis.

Lynda.com is one of the first platform to offer courses online. The cheapest subscription fee is $25/month. That’s a lifetime course in Udemy!

The good thing about subscription plan is you have access to all courses.

So who’s your bet? It’s Udemy vs Lynda.

Think about it...

Subscription plan is like eating in a buffet. You get all the food you want. Some of it are your favorite but you don’t want to eat most of them.

One-time payment is like unlimited drinks of your favorite beer.

But paying for what you need is more practical.

8. Tons of Options

Competitors of Udemy only offer 1 course for every topic. In Udemy, if you want to learn Photography for beginners, you have a lot of choices. Same lesson, same level, same skill, and same price. There are 55,000 courses on Udemy today.  Now it would sound too difficult pick the best course in Udemy. That’s the reason why I created this site. I want to guide every learners to pick the best course for them.

Guidelines in choosing the best course in Udemy

  1. Checkout monstertut.com for the best courses available
  2. Read course review.
  3. Watch course video preview.
  4. Get coupon codes here for discount.
  5. If everything is fine. Buy the course

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9. Learn Anywhere Anytime

The ability to download the course you purchased in your mobile phone or tablet is very helpful for on the go people. With todays technology, learning isn’t only limited to the four corner of a classroom. Now you can watch and learn how to code a mobile app while in the train on your way home.

You are also allowed to download udemy course in your android or ios phone to continue your training even without data connection or public wifi.

Most of what I mentioned above are what I really like about Udemy. Let’s now proceed to the things I hate.

10. Udemy Fake Reviews

Star rating is a popular indicator to a course. This is a basis for anyone to see if the course is worth to buy or not. You can also read feedback from enrollees. Most of them are real and talks about the truth about the course, but some of them are fake.

How to spot a fake review in Udemy?

  • The review talks about the good side like it’s the best course in the universe, think again.
  • The review is very long and trying hard to convince you to purchase the course.
  • The number of reviews is quite close to the number of students. Too much review for a course is suspicious.
  • All the reviews happened at the same day.
  • All 5 stars. This is doubtful for courses with large number of enrollees. Let’s face it, you can’t please 100,000 people.
  • Very details review. Legitimate reviews only talk short but meaningful and honest feedback.

The next time you see a suspicious review to a course, don’t forget to hit the report link.

11. Video and Audio Production

An expert in guitar playing doesn’t always mean he’s also good in communication and video production. Most courses on Udemy have high quality of overall production. But some of them have average to poor quality. I think the focus of Udemy is content. Before publishing, each courses undergo a series of approval. Maybe, their standard is not as high with their competitors.

12. Free Courses are…

As I mentioned above, we like free courses in Udemy. But most of them are just the bait for you to buy the premium ones. You can’t blame the authors. They need to monetize too. The good thing is can decide whether to buy the paid course or look for similar courses. Free courses are good when you only want to have an overview of a certain topic. Don’t expect advance lesson on free courses in Udemy. In short, you can’t be a pro with theses free tutorials.

13. Missing Topics

With the large collection of tutorials, Udemy can’t cover all. I still find missing topics that I believe should be there. By the time of writing this article, there are no lessons on these topics yet. It’s a good opportunity for authors to fill this gap.

List of missing courses in Udemy.

  • Google AMP Development
  • Cellphone repair for latest phone models (existing courses are outdated)
  • Appliances repair (tv, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc)
  • Blogger template development

14. Udemy has no course for visually impaired

Correct me if I’m wrong but we should give visually impaired people chance to learn new things the way we can. Listening to video courses isn’t enough. Audio books are good alternatives for them but they will miss the high quality content and various lessons in Udemy.

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