Udemy vs Lynda.com

What’s up students. For today we will take a look at the two leading online courses provider in the planet.

It’s Udemy vs Lynda!

Round 1  – Personal experience

My experience with Lynda.com

I learned web design and development on Lynda.com. I would admit that I learned a lot from them. But honestly, they didn’t gave me the whole and advance ability to make websites.

Yes I learned but the procedure and ways to do things on coding isn’t the best. When I learned on different sources I would find that it’s a better way than what I learned on lynda.com

But this doesn’t mean that lynda.com isn’t good. It’s still a good place to learn coding and other stuff.

Udemy experience and expectation

On the other hand, Udemy is becoming popular. I tried to buy online courses on Udemy using these free coupon codes. It was great and the authors are actually practicing their craft and you will see their expertise on the subject.



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Round 2 – Pricing

Now, let’s talk about pricing. Lynda.com is a subscription, it means you have to pay a monthly fee to access all of courses. Basic plan is $19.99 and Premium plan is $29.99/month.

Udemy is like an online store of courses. You buy each course that ranges from free up to $200. Sometimes you can buy a course for as low as $10 using discount codes.

Round 3 – Reviews

The best thing about Udemy is you can easily see reviews from other students who enrolled a course. You will get information how well the course is and see bad feedback as well. There are also good reviews about Udemy. It’s on the limelight right now.

When it comes to lynda.com it’s like reading a book. You will never know the feedback of each students.

Round 4 – Production Quality

Videos on Lynda.com are more appealing and professional.

Udemy tutorials are made by anyone who has the skill and experience to teach. Let’s face it. If you’re the best programmer in the world, it doesn’t mean you’re good in video production and voice-over.

But remember, content is more important!

Round 5 – Courses Offered

Udemy is clearly the winner here. Lynda.com focuses on subjects about Programming, Management, Marketing, and Design.

In Udemy, you can be a Yoga master, cooking chef, and the best party DJ.


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Final Verdict

Clearly Udemy is the best choice. But don’t settle to one resources only. If you have enough money to get different courses on one topic, go for it. It’s always a good move to get more resources when learning. It’s like picking a tower of books when doing a research in the library.

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