Using Grid in Web Design Layout

960 grid system layout

Guidelines are very important in creating a web design layout. This gives a structure to the layout and helps to organize the elements in the layout. There are different grid systems used in creating a layout but the 960 grid is widely used in our present time. Most websites today have this length, keep that in mind! This website is one of them.

In the past few years, the standard width of a website is 800 pixels, but due to a big number of viewers that uses a wider monitor with a bigger resolution, the standard width was changed to 960 pixels. Curious why it’s 960? Well… it takes a lot of calculations just live with it ok?

From, you can see that elements on the web pages are aligned to the column in the grid. This serves as a guide for the designers to position every element accordingly and make it more appealing. However, it doesn’t necessary to follow all the grid. It’s fine if you are some pixel away from the guide, remember there is no rule, these are just guidelines.