Web Browsers for Web Designers

different web browsers

Web browsers play a vital role in web design. We view websites using these software. Today, different companies are competing to create something that suits the preferences of the users.

The fact that you must face as a future web designer is browsers render your website differently. This makes the challenge/problem for most of the web designers. Your work may look good in Mozilla Firefox but may look crapped in Internet Explorer, which is a common problem. Prepare yourself to the most exciting part of web design – Cross Browser Compatibility.

Mozilla Firefox

For me this is the best choice. It works fine for an ordinary internet surfing addict and very useful for web designers and developers. Moreover, Mozilla offers a lot of Add-ons that help you to add more features on your browsers based on what you need.

Internet Explorer (IE)

This is the most controversial browser in the web. It will give you a heartache and headache when you start to create a website. There are three versions of IE that users use today, Internet Explore 6, 7, 8, and 9. Just take note the different versions renders differently. This is the greatest challenge for you. Be ready.


This is the default browser of a Mac computer. Even if you’re a Windows user, you still need to check your site in Safari because there are also a number of users who use this browser. Don’t worry, Safari browser is our friend, sometimes you might have a problem with it, but it’s easy to fix. Safari renders the letters more bold than in Windows OS. Because of that it adds some extra pixels that will give your problem sometimes because you can’t see it if you are using a Windows Operating System. However, I found a solution to avoid this problem. Follow the screenshots below.

Safari Settings to fix windows render issue

font settings for safari

Google Chrome

There is nothing special about this. It’s just simply fast and will not give you a problem. If I’m not a web designer, I’ll say that this is better than Mozilla. Just recommend this to your friends.


You can check your work in this browser if you want. However, there are very few users of this browser. I don’t know why are they using this browser. Just to be different? Opera is only famous mobile browsing but not well known on the internet.

IE Tester

This browser can show your site in IE 5.5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Web designers use this because you can’t run different versions of IE in one computer.

Use the links below to download the different browsers:

Keep it a habit to check your work on different browsers. Use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser while working on a website and check how it looks to all the browsers above. If there’s something wrong, you can use different Plug-ins in Mozilla, which are very useful. The next topic will focus on Mozilla Firefox Plug-ins, the gift from heaven.